Udzungwa Mountain National Park

Discover the Pristine Beauty of Udzungwa Mountain National Park

Welcome to Udzungwa Mountain National Park, a haven of lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking biodiversity in Tanzania. This untouched gem in the Eastern Arc Mountains is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and wildlife lovers alike. At RedSand Safaris & Tours, we invite you to explore the awe-inspiring landscapes and unique wildlife of Udzungwa Mountain National Park.


Udzungwa Mountain National Park is a place of natural wonder and beauty, defined by its dramatic landscapes. The park is graced with rugged terrain, deep valleys, and pristine rainforests that cloak the slopes of the Eastern Arc Mountains. Towering peaks and rolling hills provide awe-inspiring views, while crystal-clear rivers and waterfalls, such as the famous Sanje Falls, add to the park’s enchantment. Udzungwa’s scenery is a testament to the unspoiled splendor of East Africa.


While Udzungwa Mountain National Park is not a typical big game safari destination, it boasts a unique array of wildlife, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. The park is renowned for its rich primate population, including the endangered Udzungwa red colobus monkey and the Iringa red colobus monkey. Bird enthusiasts will be thrilled by the park’s birdlife, with over 400 species recorded, including the Udzungwa forest partridge and the Udzungwa forest robin. While the park is not home to large predators, it offers a rare opportunity to witness the wonders of biodiversity in an undisturbed habitat.

Weather and Climate

Udzungwa Mountain National Park experiences a tropical climate, with temperatures remaining relatively moderate throughout the year due to its high altitude. The park’s weather can be divided into two rainy seasons, the long rains from March to May and the short rains from November to December, with the dry seasons in between. The best time to visit for hiking and wildlife viewing is during the dry seasons from June to October and from January to February when conditions are favorable.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Udzungwa Mountain National Park depends on your interests:

  • Hiking and Birdwatching: Plan your visit during the dry seasons from June to October and from January to February when hiking trails are less muddy, and birdlife is abundant.
  • Waterfalls: To witness the waterfalls in their full glory, visit shortly after the rainy seasons, such as in June or December.
  • Primate Encounters: The park’s primates are active year-round, so anytime is a good time for primate watching.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique Biodiversity: Udzungwa Mountain National Park is a biodiversity hotspot, home to unique and endemic species.
  • Hiking Trails: The park offers a network of well-maintained hiking trails that cater to various fitness levels.
  • Waterfalls: Explore cascading waterfalls, providing opportunities for refreshing swims and photography.
  • Birdwatching: Bird enthusiasts will be delighted by the park’s rich avian diversity.


  • Lack of Large Game: Udzungwa is not a destination for traditional big game safaris, as it lacks large predators and herbivores.
  • Remote Location: The park’s remote location requires careful planning and may involve longer travel times.
  • Seasonal Variation: Rainy seasons can make hiking trails muddy and less accessible.

Udzungwa Mountain National Park, with its pristine rainforests and unique wildlife, is a natural wonder waiting to be explored. At RedSand Safaris & Tours, we are eager to guide you through this remarkable wilderness and help you create unforgettable memories. Join us on an adventure to discover the pristine beauty of Udzungwa Mountain National Park

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